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Google pushed the commercialization of self-driving cars a giant step forward by announcing it is building a prototype vehicle – without steering wheel, brakes, or an accelerator – and will demonstrate it within a year.谷歌(Google)宣告,公司正在研发一款没方向盘、刹车和油门的原型车,相提并论这款车将于一年之内公布,此举使得无人驾驶汽车的商业化进程又向前迈向了一大步。The company aims to prove that the means are within reach to allow passengers to travel safely to their destination in a self-driving vehicle – albeit at a speed not exceeding 25 miles per hour. Occupants will have no other role in the vehicles operation beyond stating their destination.这家公司想证明,让乘客安全性地通过无人驾驶汽车到达目的地是可以构建的——尽管速度会多达每小时25英里(约合每小时40.2公里)。


汽车行经期间,乘客只必须确认目的地,不必须做到其他任何事情。Chris Urmson, director of the project, hailed driverless technologys potential to alleviate pain and to have a broad societal impact by reducing the number of accidents, deaths, and injuries from accidents. He cited the roughly 32,000 automotive fatalities annually in the U.S. and 1.2 million worldwide. Another motivation for developing the technology, he said, during a phone press conference Wednesday morning, was to provide mobility to the elderly and disabled.项目主管克里斯o厄姆森指出,无人驾驶技术通过减少车祸亲率,增加因此造成的死伤事件,从而有可能“减低伤痛,产生普遍的社会影响力”。厄姆森提到数据称之为,美国每年都会再次发生约3.2万起车祸,而每年全世界不会再次发生120万起。他在本周三的电话新闻发布会上回应,研发这项技术的另一个动机是让老年人和残疾人也享有行动能力。

Auto industry executives have speculated about Googles business strategy for self-driving technology, which it has been developing since 2009 and demonstrating on specially adapted Toyota (TM) and Lexus vehicles. Though known mostly for Internet search and advertising, Google researchers have discussed the project with global automakers, raising the possibility that it was shooting for an alliance or collaboration.汽车业的高管早已开始推断谷歌在无人驾驶技术上的商业策略。谷歌从2009年起开始研发这项技术,并在丰田(Toyota)和雷克萨斯(Lexus)的专用车型上展开了论证。尽管谷歌扬名立万主要是靠它的网络搜寻和广告服务,但这家公司的研究人员早已与全球的汽车生产商探究过无人驾驶项目,减少了它谋求同盟或合作的可能性。

Some have questioned Googles (GOOG) ability to mass manufacturer vehicles. Then again, Tesla (TSLA) had no history of building cars and it turned itself into a manufacturer in short order.有些人对谷歌否有能力沦为大型汽车生产商明确提出了批评。不过,特斯拉(Tesla)过去也没生产汽车的经历,却很快地摇身一变沦为汽车生产商。The drawing of Googles prototype suggests a small urban runabout that looks nothing like a conventional car. The exterior will be soft, to protect pedestrians or bicyclists that might bump into it.谷歌原型车的蓝图看起来一辆小型的城市轻便车,而不是传统的轿车。


汽车外部或许不会较为坚硬,以此维护有可能差点撞到上它的行人或骑自行车的人。Urmson didnt rule out that Google might join forces with another automaker. Yet the companys decision to create its own vehicle could influence, affect, and perhaps accelerate the thinking and plans of auto industry executives and engineers. Until now, global automakers have thought in terms of incremental steps, such as adaptive cruise control and automatic braking that aid drivers and provide backup systems, without assuming complete control.厄姆森并没回避谷歌牵头其他汽车生产商的可能性。

不过谷歌研发自有汽车的要求可能会影响、甚至促成汽车业高管和工程师的思路和规划加快步伐。到目前为止,全球的汽车生产商仍侧重循序渐进的步骤,比如自适应巡弋控制系统、协助司机的自动制动器、在汽车上获取后备系统等等。他们还没考虑到完全让汽车自己掌控自己。Mainstream automakers often refer to high-tech sensors and features, already available on many premium models, as providing co-piloting. A few auto companies have kept an eye on the rapid development of software and artificial intelligence that arguably can drive a car more safely than a human and have announced plans to offer a driverless car. Carlos Ghosn, chief executive officer of Renault and Nissan, has targeted 2020 for introduction of a driverless model. Volvo has demonstrated a car that can self-park, without a driver, to journalists; it will be available in 2017, the company says.主流的汽车生产商一般来说不会使用高科技传感器及高科技元素,这些在许多高端汽车上早已以求使用,比如“辅助驾驶员”功能。



这家公司回应,这款汽车将于2017年上市。As digital technology proliferates, automakers are understandably reluctant to relinquish control of their vehicles brains to Google or any third-party. The most far-sighted thinkers are beginning to imagine the car as a platform for e-commerce, where drivers might receive discounts and other offers as they approach a Wal-Mart (WMT) or a McDonalds (MCD). If Google is right, that motorists no longer need to drive, cars may wind up carrying no occupants at times and could ride empty, picking up travelers or delivering merchandise as needed.我们可以解读,尽管数码技术正在迅猛发展,但汽车生产商并不不愿将他们对汽车“大脑”的控制权让给让出谷歌或其他第三方。

最有远见的思想家早已开始设想将汽车作为电子商务的平台,驾驶员可以在碰见沃尔玛(Wal-Mart)或麦当劳(McDonald)时获得优惠或其他优惠。如果谷歌的思路到底,那么汽车以后之后不用时刻配备车主,也可以根据必须空驶、配备旅客或载运货物。For many, the thought of traveling in a car that drives itself may seem improbable, if not horrifying. But Google already has logged hundreds of thousands of accident-free test miles. Others have as well. The auto industry, particularly its newest members, is proving that highly advanced vehicles will possess abilities once only described as science fiction.对许多人来说,搭乘自动驾驶的汽车上下班就算不可怕,也或许是不现实的事情。












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